Nearly There!

I had a very productive day today. I finally went down to the bank to ask about using my account abroad. HSBC you were very helpful thank you. Although it took a while… Continue reading

What to pack ?

With 18 full days left in England I am now starting to get all the stuff I need to take for a season working in the alps. Don’t get me wrong. I still… Continue reading


I got my GoPro through the door yesterday and haven’t stopped playing with it since! Unfortunately where I live in Essex at the moment it’s not very good weather and everything looks bleak and cold.… Continue reading

Start Date!

I sent an e-mail early today asking when I would receive my contracts of confirmation and my start date details etc. Within an hour of me sending that e-mail I got them through the post.… Continue reading


I woke up this morning to read from another sites blog, EUROPEANSNOWSPORT that there has been significant snow fall this early on in October. Below are a few pictures from various places. I can’t… Continue reading

CRB Forms

Finally my CRB forms are here so that means I am another step closer to getting my start date. They came through a few hours ago. I’ve just started filling them out. Hopefully… Continue reading

Red Bull Stratos Jump   <— Watch it here onRedBull.TV Use this link to watch the much anticipated Red Bull Stratos jump. Red Bull Stratos is a scientific mission to 120,000 ft. Jumping from a stratospheric balloon one man will attempt to… Continue reading

How to get a JOB ABROAD

I haven’t got any more information about my job abroad as of yet. So I decided for those of you who read my blog and are interested in getting a career abroad whether… Continue reading

Skiing In Portillo

Originally posted on Dominic Unterberger:
The last two weeks of skiing have been awesome! Although its a low snow year the conditions have been great, freeze-thaw cycles meant for some really firm snow…

X-Ray of the bar in my chest…

On Wednesday 26th September I went back to Great Ormond Street for a check up about removing this metal bar from my chest. I went in for an X-ray. The X-ray on the… Continue reading