27th December Oz run, hurt myself

Today Me and Ben took out the boards and went down to Oz en Oisans. Now baring in my I have never snowboarded before coming out here. I tried to take on a… Continue reading

Christmas Day

Firstly I can for sure say that i have had much better Christmases back at home. I was in the kitchen all day long helping with food for 200 plus people. Ironically i… Continue reading


  Finally after 21 days I have my lift pass in my hand! After much pressure from everyone to sort out the lift passes we have them in our pockets and can go… Continue reading

Home Sweet Home

Alpe D’Huez

Birthday Meal

  Yesterday me and a few others from the hotel went out for a birthday meal to none other than our local favourite, Rendez Vous. Ben one of the bar staff turned 21… Continue reading

Honeymoon peroid…

So Training week and the honey moon period is over.  An extremely heavy 2 weeks of socializing, drinking and working. To some extent I am glad that training week is over so my… Continue reading

Training Week

Haven’t done a post for over a week now due to the fact I had no internet connection and how busy it has been here with training week. My journey here was nice and comfy… Continue reading

Mountain Playlist!

A while ago I thought that I should get a few songs together to play whilst on the mountain or sitting at a table looking up at the awesome scenery. So finally I… Continue reading

10 Day Countdown

It’s finally here! The final 10 day countdown until I leave!


Originally posted on A Season Workers Life:
I’m sat in the office, it’s half past seven in the morning. Both my computers are on already, I have a cup of earl grey, sugar,…