The Wait For Winter

A tidy bit of writing here and a nice video to go with it

What It's Like To Be a Beginning Snowboarder When All of Your Friends Aren't

Today I went on a run with my iPod. I try not to do this because I’ve watched one too many episodes of Criminal Minds where a female gets kidnapped while on a run because she’s oblivious to everything. However, I needed a little extra motivation today so I went against my norm.

As I progressed on my run, the weather started to take a brisk sort of turn and I started having flashbacks to winter – seeing as I work out to the same music that I ride to. Today I came across a video that made me realize those flashbacks were completely normal to have as a snowboarder.

Whistler Blackcomb put out an almost three minute video about the anticipation we go through as boarders waiting for winter, and as a way to get us all fully stoked on the upcoming season – as if we weren’t already…

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