No more X Games Tignes!

So sad this news. We need more winter events in europe. At keast I can say i was one of the lucky ones to have been at the last one for time to come.

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Snowboarding has, at least for the most part, escaped the fallout from the economic turmoil that’s been ever present over the past few years. Obviously visitors to snowy climes declined in the subsequent aftermath of 2008 and overall spend in resort has been reported as being down – certainly in the first year or so after the initial crash. However, punters want their snow fix and nothing will keep them from getting it, hence why even in the face of such adversity, snowboarding has remained relatively unscathed.

Unfortunately snowboarding was dealt a massive uppercut blow today with the announcement from ESPN that X Games Tignes is going to be cancelled for the foreseeable future.

winter-x-games-tignes-2013No more X Games Tignes

There obviously would have been concerns for the coming season with another certain high prestige event taking place (Winter Olympics for those not paying attention – keep up at the back!)…

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