Top 10 Snowboard movies

As most people now are probably dying to get out onto the slopes to feed that incredible addiction that is snowboarding. or skiing if that’s your thang. not blading though that’s nobodies favourite! Anyway I have decided to put together my top 10 snowboarding movies that will help pass the time until the season begins and to also bring up some discussion about them. So without further redo I begin the countdown…

10.  Burton Standing Sideways

This ones a great watch its light humor means you can watch it in any mood, yet the incredible boarding will be enough to get you pumped to go out.


9. That’s it that’s all        

This next one was the film before the art of flight. You see stunning backdrops and to match that riding from Travis Rice, arguably the best back country rider there is.


8. DC’s It

Dc’s It is a humour filled, fast paced action from the team at DC. Riders such as Torstein Horgmo take to the parks in the day and show you how to party at night like rockstars.



7. tw12ve

From the second this film starts it manages to make your jaw drop to the floor. back country and mountains like you’ve never seen them before. If you haven’t wanted to go out boarding before, after this you will!


6. into the mind

Into the mind makes you realise just how enthralling being amongst nature its surroundings and the mountains can be. A film that can make you think without you even realising.


5. Kaleidoscope

Isenseven put down here a well put together and thought out bit of filming. Although from 2011 it still keeps up with riding today in 2013. Fresh ideas and styles come out of this film.


Jeremy Jones is the main rider in this film. Trekking across the globe riding with the well known to not so well known. Jones is a true believer in saving the planet and thus saving our winters. This comes across strongly in this film and really makes you think about how the sport can sustain itself. Accompanied with seamless fluid riding from Jones and friends if you haven’t already seen Further watch it now.

3. Horgasm

A totally new take on the whole snowboarding film world. Torstein horgmo is probably one of the funniest riders about today, and even better doesnt take himself so seriously yet still has the skills in his locker to throw down some huge tricks. This film follows Torstein over the course of time being led by his flamboyant manager. So worth the watch, it’s funny and easy to watch over and over again

2. the art of flight

Possibly the most famous of them all. The art of flight focuses on Travis Rice and friends deep in the back country hunting down fresh tracks over the globe. These guys go to great lengths to get their adrenaline going, and this easil rubs off on whoever watches it. Making them crave fresh powder like never before.

1. fools gold 

My top choice had to be Fools Gold. It’s got a raw feel to it that makes the average joe feel like anyone can throw down big tricks and get out there and just have an awesome time. Every rider has a unique style and personality to match. It hosts bags of humour quality riding and seriously makes you want to strap into your board and shred.

So there you have it my top 10 snowboarding movies. Of course there are so many out there that are incredible, not to mention the amount of films being released at the moment. I didn’t add those in as I haven’t seen them all or enough yet to decide where I’d place them in my current top 10 list.