Winter Is Coming

So here it comes at last! The summer comes to an end and the nights begin to draw in. E-mails are sent between seasionaires and the companies they will be working for. Contracts being sent and most importantly to seasionaires. The purchasing of the new seasons gear!

Since my last post I have religiously been watching snowboard movies from the most professional, to the undoubtedly amateur. With every video I watch I become even more excited to get back onto the mountain to pursue a sport and culture I have fallen in love with. Over the past 5/6 months I have been able to save up for all my seasons gear including a brand new snowboard. In all honesty I do have gambling to thank on this front as I was lucky enough to win enough money, which allowed me to buy the kit I so badly desired. I got myself new sallies, goggles, jacket board, boots, gloves, the lot. Now it’s a case of saving up the pounds so I can afford the apres ski and general living expenses, aka Alcohol.

As I previously mentioned summer is coming to an end, days become miserable to co inside with the school year. Leafs will turn colour and begin to crash land to the ground. And out of nowhere the winter season of 2013/2014 will be banging on the door demanding for every single one of our attention. Rumour has it that this year us STG lot will be heading to the Alps early to add to our training scheme prior to the season. If this is true it means there really is no time at all until the season starts. Beginning of November seems to be the time of year that is being batted about. This year I have chosen wisely and instead of being in the kitchen cooking or being so naive to think going to the chalet would bring an easier life I shall be a KP. Yes, the hotel bitch but with its rewards of tidy hours and even better mountain time I really have to qualms about my decision.

With a bit of luck this season I will update this blog more than I did last season as I should have internet this time where I am working.

All that remains now is to wait for my date of posting. My board bag is all packed and ready to go. All i need is to pack my suitcase.