Where to start with new years. Now this was a major step up from Christmas day. I found out that i got new years day off so i could get as trollied as i wanted and not worry about going into work the next day. Once everybody had finished work we got on the drink hard with our 2 euro cheap bottles of table wine that taste vile.  It wasn’t long before we all got ourselves down to Rendez Vous bar to start the countdown.

Many embarrassing photos are online somewhere from that brutal night. To be honest its hard to even write about it in much detail at all as i don’t remember much to be honest with you. A lot of shots went down, jagerbombs, beers and god knows what else.

What i do remember of new years eve is turning up on a sledge and being dragged into the bar. Next having a lot of jagerbombs and then proceeding to fall asleep on the bench outside on rendez vous balcony. I then had various phone conversations with other people families one of which was Robyns Mum. We also decided it was a good idea to jump off the balcony out the back into the snow trying flips until this idea took a step into totally ridiclious when jumping into the tree at the same time was suggested. 3 of us all jumped into it and in true Jordan fashion i came out worst. My belt got caught on a branch and i got stuck until it finally gave wa and i fell through the tree ripping my jeans and scratching up my back. If i had another chance i would do exactly the same thing though. I can however take one moment of glory from that night and that is I was the last person to leave the bar at about half 6 in the morning. I left wearing some silver tinsel and some other clothes I don’t know where i acquired them from.

Once I got back to the Beau hotel I fell asleep on the corridor with my jeans half way down my legs . Unfortunately working on a season someone is always watching or listening and a photo of that low point in my life was snapped and put on the glorious world of facebook.

Some how i managed to awake at 10am. Most likely from the amount of redbull from the jager bombs in my system. Furthermore, once up after a few hours sleep me and a few others went back down the road to Rendez Vous for their Full English breakfast. Still being drunk I ordered a Heineken beer to go with my full English. I must have still be smashed as i ate bacon on my plate and I never eat bacon as i find it disgusting and the smell makes me sick.

Eventually the hangover started kicking in just after mid day and I crawled back into my bed and slept for pretty much the rest of the day dreading to ever need to get out of it again.